Friday Flesh RETURNS!

It’s been too long… and I apologize. I know we all need something “extra” to get us through that last day of the week. I sure as hell do.

I’m always thinking about you… the reader/listener. That’s what I’m here for.

So today, I have a special treat for you all.

The world of professional tennis used to be really stodgy and boring. Starched white shirts and shorts, wooden rackets, wooden personalities, and an overall air of “proper” behavior was the rule.


Cut to the 21st century, and the world of professional tennis is not only hot…

…it’s sexy.

Take into consideration our Friday Flesh model, the young, the talented, and the beautiful… Andy Roddick.

Andy Roddick burst upon the scene in 2001, at the fresh young age of 19. Since that time, we have seen him grow from a cute, young and intriguing talent into the hot, sexy man he is today… and he’s still only 24. Imagine how nice he’ll be in his 30’s!

Andy Roddick is exciting on the court and off. He’s embraced his celebrity and has appeared in everything from Saturday Night Live to the TonightShow to People’s Sexiest Man Alive edition.

How can we blame the media for taking notice?

All I can say is… keep watching Andy. I know I will. Especially if he keeps taking pictures like these.

If he just keeps getting hotter… we might have a fire to put out somewhere.

I’ll call the fire department… or not. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!