Ampersands are Evil

I never realized how badly the simple ampersand could screw things up. Until this week.

Yesterday’s post/podcast featured a song called “Linus and Lucy”. Initially, I used an ampersand (that squiggly little “and” symbol above the “7” on your keyboard) between the words “Linus” and “Lucy”. This is typical of nearly every time you see the name of that song anywhere. I’ve probably used a zillion ampersands on my blog in the nearly two years that I’ve been blogging. It’s a force of habit– but it’s also just typical typography. But for some reason, my blog didn’t like that little ampersand in yesterday’s post. Oh no… it hated it.
That little ampersand screwed things up so badly I was about ready to pull out my hair. For instance, if you tried to download my podcast at iTunes, you were probably greeted with a little exclamation mark saying that my feed URL was not valid. That’s because that stupid little ampersand caused my RSS feed to shut down, creating an error.

This is all fixed now.. and all feeds, iTunes files and etc. are working just fine.

So I hereby declare, oh dear friends, readers, and people who probably couldn’t give a shit one way or the other– that you shall never again see me use the ampersand in a post again. If you do, kick me in the @%*$ing ass. (See? No ampersands.)

Love always,

Your dearest RcktMan.