Rick needs…

I saw this on Brandon’s blog tonight and thought it was pretty clever. Oddly enough, I hadn’t seen anyone else do it. But then, I haven’t exactly been the best blog-reading friend as of late. (Sorry everyone.)

Anyway, open up Google and in the “Search” window type your name and then “needs”, in quotations, just like I just typed it.

Then hit search and see what you come up with.

I found some really good ones… all frighteningly true… like:

  • Rick needs a massage.
  • Rick needs a fact checker.
  • Rick needs a soulmate.
  • Rick needs your support. (Unfortunately this was about Rick Santorum [ew] but I figured I need it anyway, so…)
  • Rick needs to be cloned.
  • Rick needs to apologize.
  • Rick needs your help.
  • Rick needs some rest.
  • Rick needs people who will hold the rope for him.
  • Rick needs to be aware at all times.
  • Rick needs sun!
  • Rick needs to get off his arse.
  • (What) Rick needs (is) a good woman. (Uh… I don’t think so, folks.)
  • Rick needs… to feel needed.
  • Rick needs to get busy.
  • Rick needs an immediate infusion of cash.
  • Rick needs to know!
  • Rick needs to get with somebody.
  • Rick needs to find something BETTER to do with his time.
  • Rick needs to be elevated so his fans can see him better.
  • Rick needs some help here.
  • Rick needs no introduction.
  • Rick needs a haircut.
  • Rick needs coffee… NOW!

and my ultimate favorite…

  • Rick needs a comment!

So get busy. I do need some help here. 🙂