I said “eventually”… I didn’t say how long it would be. 🙂

Things just weren’t working right with the blog since my near-disaster the other day… so I had a few things to figure out. First I noticed my RSS feed was all messed up, and everything from my podcast to feed readers were not getting any information. It seems to have either corrected itself– or something– but now it’s working.

Then came the worst problem– nobody had left any comments in the last 3-4 days. I mean, usually at least ONE shows up from time to time, but three days of NO comments? That just seemed weird.

I was starting to think I had been deserted; but thanks to Scott and Karen, who pointed out to me that they weren’t even WORKING, I figured out what was wrong. Thanks, guys. Once again, I owe both of you one.

I guess I really did make a mess of things … oops!

It pays to follow instructions. Leave it to a man to try to go on his own without them, right? 🙂

So, sorry if you tried to leave a comment and nothing happened. I wish I could say I got it, but it was lost in oblivion. 😦

BTW, check out the blog of a new friend of mine: Chris. I met him at a party this weekend… nice guy (cute too!) and some good reading. Hiya, Chris. 🙂

Oh, and I’ve added a nifty new tool that I learned about from my friends at the Feast of Fools (are you listening to them yet? Why not!?!) called FeedBlitz. Basically it sends subscribers an Email with your daily post with photos and everything embedded. You can subscribe to my blog this way by clicking here… and find out how to make it work for your blog as well!

UPDATE: YOUR COMMENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND! When I initially restored all the files I had deleted, something was wrong with my spam filter, Spam Karma, and that was what caused my comments to stop working. So when I uploaded new files and re-activated the plug-in, I discovered that Spam Karma had actually saved all of your comments! WOO HOO to Spam Karma! 🙂