That was close!

I consider myself pretty good with computers.

Over the years, I’ve worked myself out of some pretty hairy situations. I’ve had hard drives crash on me (more than once), hardware fry, software crash, and all kinds of crazy shit in between. And yet somehow I always manage to figure out what’s wrong, fix it, and move on.

I’m crafty that way.

Well today I almost blew it big time.

WordPress recently updated its software, and recommended to its users that we upgrade to combat some security issues. I’ve installed WordPress upgrades before, so I thought this was no big deal. I could handle it.


I got into my FTP site and started deleting files. Not just the files I needed to delete for the upgrade, mind you… oh no…


I hadn’t backed up anything. I just started deleting. In the back of my mind, I could hear a tiny voice. It started softly, and grew louder and louder, until it screamed:

“Uh… Hello??…. HELLO??? HELLO!!??!?!?!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?

By the time I realized what a stupid mistake I was making, half of the important and integral files for this blog had been deleted.



I quickly switched from dumbass mode to Mr. Fix-It mode, and went to my web server’s website in hopes that they have a recovery system in place.

They do. Thank God.

They take snapshots every two hours of my entire file system and save them just in case I make some stupid, lame-brained, bonehead kind of mistake that I would need to recover from.

This was definitely one of those times.

So for the next hour, I went through every single file of my blog installation and restored it.





Because that’s the only way they would let me do it.

A small price to pay to have my blog back in working order.

So I’m back… and thankfully so. I can now sleep peacefully.

I’m sure you can too.

Aren’t you glad I share these things with you? 🙂