I’m thoroughly convinced that bloggers and podcasters are drama queens.

Even if we’re not gay (and many of us aren’t!) it just seems that those who blog and/or podcast seem to instill drama. Even if they don’t mean to.

Case in point: If you have visited Discuss It! lately, you will see that it has been shut down indefinitely.

I’m not laying the blame on anyone here. Scott-o-Rama is a friend of mine and I respect him for making the decision he made. It just pisses me off that people had to get all worked up and pissy with each other and ruin what started out as a really good thing.

Pissy = bitchy = drama, hence my hypothesis that bloggers are drama queens.

Being a gay man, I have seen my share of drama queens. And you know what? They may have a right to say what they want and think what they wish to think; but to explode a simple discussion into name-calling and vicious attacks on character is uncalled for.

That’s essentially what happened on Discuss It!. And it sucks.

The old cliche “One bad apple spoils the bunch” applies here.

I’m sorry to see this happen. I enjoyed being a part of the forum, and wish it could have continued. But I am in total agreement with Scott– it just can’t exist if we can’t respect each other.

Seems strangely parallel to everything that is happening in the good ol’ US of A lately. And that scares me more than anything.

When did we become such a black-and-white world? There was a time when we could respect each other’s opinions, and respect one another if we didn’t agree. Today the norm is to browbeat each other until one gives in– and if they don’t give in, browbeat some more. In the end, we’re all going to be bloody mounds of pulp.

This is democracy?

I’m afraid of it, if it is. It isn’t the democracy I remember.