PadCast #6: Remembering

PadCast #6_ Remembering

A photograph. An old shirt. A song. The sound of a voice. The scent of perfume or cologne.

Memory is an incredibly powerful thing, and the older we get, the harder it is to access those deposits of information at will.

Sometimes it takes one of the triggers mentioned above to make the memory jog itself, and recapture what you thought you had lost for so long.

This past weekend I found a casette tape I had recorded on Christmas Day 1982. I was 11 years old. As I listened to the tape, and laughing at how young I sounded, and how little my sister was, I realized that I was hearing my Grandma’s voice again for the first time in nearly 20 years. I was instantly rushed back to that day, unwrapping presents and just being a kid again. It felt warm. It felt comfortable.

In today’s podcast I talk about memories and how powerful they are to me. At the beginning of the podcast, you’ll hear a brief snippet of that tape. Try not to laugh at how dorky I sound. I was truly dorky back then. There are just no other words to explain how dorky I was. 🙂

But the thing I noticed while listening to that tape was how normal we were. At the time I thought we were the most dysfunctional family in the world. But now, hearing how we interacted as a family, and how Christmas morning was as special to us as it would be to any family– I see that I had a pretty doggone good life.

The song that opens today’s Podcast is called Remember by Harry Nilsson. The song is as beautiful as the message it conveys. It suits today’s show perfectly.

It was also the very first song I learned when I joined Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus.

I remember it all well. Thanks for sharing these memories with me.

Music: Remember: Harry Nilsson (from the album All Time Greatest Hits) on iTunes