Friday Flesh: Bob

Today’s Friday Flesh Feature is not a celebrity.


But he’s doggone hot. And he’s a blogger. Just like you and me.

Meet Bob. Bob is a talented photographer, designer, and all-around hottie, who has just started his very own blog called, cleverly enough, The Bob Blog.

On any given day, you’ll get to see some great photography, T-shirt ideas, and even a glimpse or two of Bob’s sexy mug! (Oh and in case you didn’t figure out, he’s Italian. Italians DO do it better. :))
Bob contacted me directly about my blog and sent these pictures. After seeing them, I offered to feature him as my “Friday Flesh” model this week– so long as he didn’t mind being referred to as “Flesh,” of course.

He didn’t mind.

So check out The Bob Blog and see what makes this hottie tick. I think you’ll enjoy it!

And if you know of another hottie (or are the said hottie) and think he should be featured as a Friday Flesh Feature, have them send me an Email at I will most graciously accept all entries!

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I know you like sticking things in tight places, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!