Don'tcha hate it when…

… you think you have all this money in your bank account, then you do the math, check it online, and realize that all those bills you scheduled to pay already hit, and you’re a little broke for a while?

… you go to work in the morning and it’s sunny and (somewhat) warm, but by the end of the day it’s cold and pouring rain… and you forgot to bring an umbrella?

… you pour a bowl a cereal and open the milk and instantly realize it’s gone sour?


… you pour a bowl of cereal and open the milk AND POUR IT ON YOUR CEREAL and suddenly realize it’s gone sour?

… you wake up in the morning, all excited because it’s Friday… and it’s only Thursday?

… you make a date with someone for dinner and you realize a few days later (during a late night of work) that you have to cancel because you have a rehearsal that night?

… you get all gung-ho for something and jump into it with all flags waving high, and by the end of the week it becomes like pulling teeth to write a post for your blog do something creative.

… all you want to do is sleep, but your alarm clock (and the time displayed on it) say otherwise?

… one of your pets, whom you love so dearly, decide to use your bed as a litter box for no apparent reason?�� (And you want to scream and rant about said mess to one of your pets, but you have no way of proving who did it?)

… you have more to say but your brain can’t function enough to get the words out right?