Chained to my desk!

The past two days have been very busy for me… two 12-hour days in a row. So I apologize for not being around very much. I trust that my TV has brought you some viewing pleasure in the meantime. 😉

Chicago is in for a cold snap this week– 20 degree temperatures instead of the 40’s we’ve been enjoying for a while. It’s about time winter comes back for a final punch. All I can say is, watch Rick get sick yet again. 😛

I don’t have much time to chat, just wanted to write and say hi. I think I’m going to read “My Life With Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Coretta Scott King, in honor of the great lady who passed away this week. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf, but it seems that now is a good time to give it a read. I’ll be back soon.