Friday Flesh: Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey.

I remember it well. It was sometime in 2000. I saw a video at a gay bar (of course) of these 4 tanned, coiffed and ridiculously good-looking young men– a boy band, naturally. But this was no ordinary boy band. These boys were hot. And I mean drool-worthy hot.Especially the lead singer.

Enter Nick Lachey.

Forgive him for that brief mistake with that blonde-haired bimbo. We all make mistakes.

He’s all ours now to enjoy. And that’s whether you’re a man or a woman.

Those pouty lips, that ripply body. That sexy voice. Those soulful eyes.

You know you want him. I know I want him. So what if I can’t have him? I can enjoy the pictures at least!

So enjoy your Friday Flesh, boys and girls, and have a good weekend!