Sorry about the brief hiccup there. Some of you may have dropped by today and noticed a WordPress error screen. I won’t go into the details, but somehow I figured it out and I’m back up and running again.

Now on to more important things…

I’m feeling better, still a little sore, but hanging in there. So do a poor soul a favor, won’t you?

Click here:

Bloggie Awards 2006

and cast your votes for your favorite blogs!

(And if you feel so inclined to nominated RcktMan’s Launching Pad for one or two categories, I’d be so greatly appreciative.!)

New this year are categories for Teen and Craft weblogs and Podcast of Weblogs (which I would assume would mean any podcast, as most podcasts are based on blogs as it is.) The catgetories are:

  • Best Web Application for Weblogs
  • Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
  • Best Asian Weblog
  • Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog
  • Best European Weblog
  • Best British or Irish Weblog
  • Best Latin American Weblog
  • Best Canadian Weblog
  • Best American Weblog
  • Best Tagline of a Weblog
  • Best Podcast of a Weblog
  • Best Photography of a Weblog
  • Best Craft Weblog
  • Best Food Weblog
  • Best Entertainment Weblog
  • Best Weblog About Politics
  • Best Web Development Weblog
  • Best Computers or Technology Weblog
  • Best Topical Weblog
  • Best GLBT Weblog
  • Best Teen Weblog
  • Most Humorous Weblog
  • Best Writing of a Weblog
  • Best Group Weblog
  • Best Community Weblog
  • Best-Designed Weblog
  • Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
  • Best New Weblog
  • Lifetime Achievement (blogging since 2001)

  • Weblog of the Year
  • I have my own ideas and have already posted my nominations. You have until January 10 to nominate your choices, then, I would assume, they will post the nominees and we will get to vote for the winners.

    I’m sure the competition will be fierce, and the chances of me being nominated are slim to none (there goes that old defeatist attitude again!), but it’s all in fun, right? So click, nominate, and good luck to everyone! 🙂