Pippin's Big Adventures

Pippin, my first-born kitty, wanted to share this story with you today, so he dictated it to me and I typed it all up for you to enjoy.

Pippin tempts fate by the (old)
window in my living room.

Not long after Daddy and I moved to our first new home, I had quite an adventure that scared him a lot. He was pretty upset, but I couldn’t help it!

See, there was this porch attached to the back of the building we lived in. We were three floors up, and my first buddy, Kiki, who lived in the building before I did, liked to hang out the windows of the back porch all the time because they didn’t have any screens. Daddy didn’t like that at all. He worried that would fall out the windows because I was really young (only about 5-6 months) at the time and didn’t know any better. Kiki was already about 1 1/2 years old.

Well one night while everyone was sleeping, I got adventurous and prowled around the house. I found the windows left open and decided to check them out.

Next thing I knew, I landed on soft, wet grass– three floors down!

When Daddy got up the next morning and couldn’t find me, he got a little hysterical. He couldn’t imagine that I’d suvived the fall 3 flights down, but he couldn’t find me in either the front or the back stairways, and I wasn’t found anywhere else in the house. I could hear him and his roommate Chad calling my name up and down the streets and alleys, but I was so little, they couldn’t hear me. I was trying to find them too!

I went around to the front of the building and tried to get in the front window, but it wouldn’t budge. So I just sat there, meowing as loud as I could. Daddy had gone out to his car to go back to our old apartment to pick up the last of our things. When I saw him, I meowed as loudly as I could. He turned around quickly and saw me, ran to me crying and picked me up. I was SO happy to see him!! He kissed me and asked “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!” I just licked his nose and told him how happy I was to see him.

Shortly after that, they put new windows on the back porch that had screens. I think Daddy complained about it and they finally did something about it. I was happy, because I really liked going back there. It was so warm and sunny and breezy, but until then, especially after that day, Daddy forbade me to go on the porch.

The only other time I came close to spending one of my nine lives was this past summer when Daddy replaced an old air conditioner in our dining room. He had taken the old one out, and I, being the curious kitty I am, walked out the window to check it all out. While getting the new air conditioner ready, he shut the window– not knowing that I had stepped outside. I started meowing as loud as I could to let him know that I was outside! He heard me, luckily, and quickly opened the window and found me on the ledge!

So I stay away from open windows now. And if I don’t, Daddy will be sure to snatch me away from them!!!

I’m a lucky kitty. One life (out of nine) is enough to lose over such a crazy thing.