Introducing: Friday Flesh: Jeff Wilson

So you’ve been scratching your balls head, wondering what the next big thing on RcktMan’s Launching Pad was going to be, and just how wonderful and/or exciting it could possibly end up being. Well, wonder no more.

Let’s face it, folks, flesh brings the masses out of the woodwork. And lord knows there is a lot of flesh out there for everyone to enjoy. But after seeing the uber-popular response to the pictures of Paul Walker and other hunks on this site, I figured I’d save myself the trouble of coming up with something intellectual and intelligent on Fridays and share some Friday Flesh with you each week.

So… introducing the first installment of Friday Flesh: Former Survivor contestant Jeff Wilson.

Jeff Wilson

Let’s face it, folks, Jeff is one hot stud. I’ve seen some hot boys in my lifetime (both in real life and in ‘virtual’ reality) but this man is, in one word, stunning.

Yeah he’s got a hot body and he’s ripped more than a pair of my 3-year-old undershorts, but his face is pretty damn amazing as well. Click here for another photo of Jeff smiling. Yummy!

As to his personality… who cares? Just enjoy the picture for criminy sakes. 🙂

Now I should add that I do not, have not ever, and probably will not ever watch Survivor. (Can you believe there have been TEN different “seasons” of this show already!?!) I’ve seen, at most, part of one episode, and while I can see what gets people all worked up, I just wasn’t all that interested in the show. About the only reason I’d want to watch is for all the half-naked men running around; and quite frankly, sometimes they’re not all that hot to begin with. Jeff is another story. I actually didn’t find him on Survivor at all– I found him on this website (thanks to them for the photos, btw). You can also search Google for a gazillion different Jeff Wilson-related links, if you are so inclined.

So ends the first installment of Friday Flesh. What better way to start your weekend? (Yeah OK it’s not Friday, but I was a little busy today and forgot to post this, but I wanted to make sure it got up there. Sue me. 🙂 )

Have a wonderful New Year, everyone. Stay safe, stay sober (ha!) and stay alive. But have fun doing it. That’s the ticket to a good 2006. See you next year!