35 years old.

Man that sounds… old.

But that’s me.. today.

35 years ago, I was brought into this world.

My parents had been married for five years. My Mom was 27. My dad was 32. I was their first born.

I’ve lived through seven presidents, three major wars, good economic times and bad. I was here for the sexual revolution, the “me” decade, the “greed” decade and the 90s, which was such a nondescript decade that it doesn’t even have a “nickname.” I was around when Nixon resigned, and when Clinton was impeached. I was here when the Olympics in Moscow were boycotted, and when Russia boycotted the next Olympics in Los Angeles. I remember the Berlin Wall coming down. I watched the Space Shuttle Challenger explode, and the World Trade Center fall.

I’ve lived in two cities in my lifetime, and lived in five homes. I’ve driven seven cars.

I graduated college with one degree. I’ve held eight jobs and switched careers once– only to switch back again.

I’ve loved, fed, and watered four pets, and grieved over the loss of two of them.

I’ve known both of my grandmothers and cried at both of their funerals. I’ve seen my sister get married, and my cousin marry and have a baby girl.

I’ve watched my parents grow old. I’ve supported my mother while she beat cancer and lives with emphysema, and my dad as he battles diabetes.

I’ve loved one man in my life and supported him in his battle with alcohol, drugs and AIDS–even after we broke up. I’ve mourned many opportunities for love gone wrong, and paid the price for my own reckless behavior.

I’ve traveled the country from coast to coast but still haven’t been across the oceans. I’ve made friends all over the country and built a wonderful stable of friends in Chicago. I’ve made new friends through the magic of blogging as well– and I appreciate every one of them.

I’ve been able to enjoy my true love of singing with my chorus involvement, and have had some wonderful opportunities to be in the spotlight. I am enjoying what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

So much has happened in the 35 years that I’ve been on this earth that it’s impossible–and redundant– to chronicle every single detail and mention every significant happening. The important thing is that I still have my happiness, my health, and for the most part, my sanity. Looking back on all that has happened, and all that I’ve accomplished, in the last 35 years; I’m excited to see what the next 35 years bring.

It all begins today.