Things I learned while (barely) surviving Hell Week

The weekend was a bitch folks, I’m not going to lie. And it was only the first of two weeks!

It was a week of rehearsals, work and constantly being on the go. I had dress/tech rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 to 10. Friday I took a vacation day and bought my Christmas Tree and decorated my living room in preparation for my annual Christmas/Birthday party. And then Saturday arrived– 2:00 call and two shows in a row.

And just when one would think it was all over… on Sunday I had a long (2:00 – 8:30) rehearsal with Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus for “A Cowboy Christmas”.

By the end of that rehearsal I was seriously ready to drop. And drop I did… right into bed (after watching Desperate Housewives.) 🙂

My head hurts a bit right now. Among the things I learned over the weekend are that you really cannot do all this stuff without eating properly. I was so on the go and had so many things going on that I never took the time to eat the meals that I should have. By Sunday all of that had taken its toll, I think… and I’m still paying the price today. I also learned the importance of staying properly hydrated. One of the girls in Unison (the Windy City mixed chorus) who had a beautiful solo passed out shortly afterward on stage– and we think it’s because she didn’t drink enough water or consumed too much caffiene beforehand. It put a damper on the show, but she’s OK at least.

So after a good night’s rest last night and a couple of days off, I should be able to bounce back. I don’t feel sick, thankfully… I was just exhausted.

Moral of the story folks… don’t do this at home. Take care of yourselves. Eat properly. Drink plenty of fluids. And most importantly– rest.