No Day But Today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably have heard about the big movie that’s coming out this Wednesday.

No, it’s not some big action thriller or a remake of a popular 70s TV series. It is a remake of sorts, but not in that vein.

I’m talking, of course, about Rent.

My tickets have already been purchased. At 8:45 on Wednesday evening, my friends and I will relive this story on the big screen. I expect that we will love the movie, but you never know– these big-screen adaptations of hit Broadway musicals can be chancy at best. Chicago rocked, so maybe this will too.

I won’t go over the story of Rent, the backstory of the production, or anything like that. There are countless webites and write-ups about that in the world.

But Rent means something to me. And going over those thoughts and memories for the past few days has made me become quite nostalgic.

Rent brings me back to a time when things were simpler. Life was more exciting. And I was a lot younger!

In fact, the first I saw Rent on stage was just over 8 years ago. I had just moved to Chicago, and moved into my very first apartment away from my parents. I had just a smattering of friends, and no social life to speak of.. except for a very special lady that I had just met a few weeks earlier.

I’ve spoken about Elle in my blog before. She’s the friend I visited in New York City last November, and who befriended me early on in my Chicago life. I chronicled many of our adventures in the online journal I kept at the time– which I have just re-added to this blog (see the header “” at left).

I was taking a nap one Saturday when out of the blue I got a call from Elle telling me to come downtown and see Rent. I jumped at the chance.

The show had an impact on me immediately. The music, the story, and the energy defined my excitement and my hope in starting a new life in the ‘big city’. I often look back fondly on those days, and Rent has always been a part of those memories.

So Wednesday after work; at the end of the workweek before the Thanksgiving holiday; I will join the people who I call friends today– people very close and very dear to my heart– and relive those memories from so long ago…

I was a much younger man then– mentally, spiritually, and of course, physically. But I still have the same heart, and I still feel many of the same things.

It’s nice to relive some of those memories. And I’m glad that I’m still able to do that today, here, with you.

So if you get a chance, get out and see Rent. I can’t recommend it (yet), but if you have any good times and good memories to think back upon, you may just find yourself humming along…

…and remembering the good times.