I’m here! No really, I am! You can’t see me, and you can barely hear me, but I’m here. I’m just buried by all the SHIT THAT I HAVE GOING ON IN MY LIFE LATELY!

Seriously folks, the last week was utter, complete insanity. And it wasn’t even official “Hell week” where choruses are concerned. Between my regular 9-5 (or in my case 9-6 and some days 11:30-8) job, I was fitting in rehearsals for Windy City Slickers, Windy City Gay Chorus and of course, Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus (including a special rehearsal for my big solo/duet!), my drag performance debut in “Lipstick & Lyrics” (click the link for photos taken by my friend and fellow Chorus member, Bernie), including rehearsals, buying clothes, borrowing clothes, and the actual show itself; and then in my SPARE time designing the CD artwork for Windy City Performing Arts’s newest CD, “A Windy City Holiday” AS WELL AS the program for the upcoming show of the same name!

Some of those things are done, thank GOD (the drag show especially– that’s me in the Santa hat, folks!), but others persist. So I apologize for my lack of posting lately… I promise I’ll make it worth your while. 🙂

At least it’s a short work-week this week! (YAHOO!) Any big plans for the holiday? I am actually excited about getting home to Mom and Dad’s this year. It’s actually been a few months since I’ve seen them, and after last year’s Thanksgiving fiasco, I’m expecting that this year will be wonderful.

Happy Monday (groan) to all. Peace, love and all that jazz.