I Feel Pretty

This Saturday, CGMC is putting on a benefit performance entitled “Lipstick & Lyrics” at Hydrate, one of the many watering holes along Halsted Street. The show features CGMC members in drag, of course, but with a twist– instead of lip-synching their songs, as drag queens are oft to do, the performers will actually be singing.

The event premiered last year and was a pretty decent success… as well as a lot of fun. So they decided to put the show on again this year.

This year there were to be 8 performers. However, at the last minute, one of them backed out. My friend Jeremy, who is producing the show (and starring in it as well), had already pre-taped a bunch of voice-overs and musical cues around this person, so instead of doing the show with one less performer, he needed someone to fill in– and fast.

Guess who he called?

Hey, you only live once, right? 😉