Date update (for real!)

I was a little worried when I called the boy tonight and instead of him picking up the phone, I got a fax machine.

“Great,” I thought to myself. Here comes the blow-off. I just know it’s going to happen. After all, I do hardly know this guy, and for all I know, the whole “I lost my wallet at school” story could have been just that– a story.

Before I continue, I must stress that yes, the “boy,” as I am calling him, is in school, but is by no means a “boy.” He’s a 33-year-old man. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I started being accused of anything salacious. 🙂

So anyway, about an hour later, he calls me and asks if I got a fax machine when I called. I told him yes and he apologized, saying that his roommate has one attached to their line and it picks up sometimes if it has been left on. Whew… avoidance averted.

Unfortunately, however, he still has not found his wallet, and I could tell that he was feeling rather badly about it. He still wanted to meet, but he wasn’t sure what he could do with no money or ID.

“Don’t worry about that. It’s on me tonight. Let’s just get this off your mind for the night, ok?” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I feel bad that you would pay for everything, but I would certainly make it up to you,” he replied.

“That’s fine,” I said. “It just makes no sense for you to sit at home and mope about it.”

So we agreed to meet at 8:00 at T’s.

At about 7:45, I realized that I had forgotten to make a CD of songs for him like I promised on Wednesday. We had shared a lot about music, and I wanted to share some with him, as he would do the same with me. So I got the songs together and got ready to burn them, when I got an IM from my ex. We chatted for a few minutes before I told him I had to run. By then the CD was finally done. And I was 8 minutes late. SHIT.

Thankfully, T’s is right at the end of my block. So I ran down the street and found him waiting there.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Sometimes when you meet a guy from online, you are let down at the first sight of him in person. Not so in this case. He’s a little guy, only about 5’6″, but I LIKE that. And he’s Italian. And we have a lot of things in common.

We tried to get a table at T’s, but the place was packed. So we decided to wait for an open table at the bar. Of course, that blew up in our faces fast when they asked us for ID’s. Since he didn’t have his on him, we couldn’t wait at the bar. So we decided to leave and go somewhere else.

I didn’t want him to feel bad about this. Hell, I have had a similar experience in my lifetime. I didn’t lose my wallet at school or anything, however. I also didn’t lose it at work. No… my situation is even more embarrassing. A trick, who I had invited into my home, (this was in 1998), had STOLEN my wallet right out of my home. WHILE I was there. So yeah, I understood his dilemma.

We decided to have dinner at a restaurant a few blocks north of there. It was a nice, brisk night, so the walk would be good for us.

Dinner was great, the conversation was non-stop, and we kept each other laughing and interested the whole time. I knew that this would not be a one night affair by any means. And I liked that.

After dinner we got some tea at an independent coffee house down the street. We sat and talked a bit and then walked back to my place.

About halfway there, he asked if he could use my bathroom.

And I, of course, obliged.

So needless to say, we got along wonderfully. 🙂

And he loves Pippin and Screech. 🙂

And he is quite a great kisser. 🙂

And I will probably see him again this weekend. 🙂 🙂 🙂