Date update (sorta)

It was a really really REEEEEEEEEALLY weird day today.

The 5-hour conversation me and the boy had last night lasted until 4:00 AM. Yeah. 4:00 AM.

When I woke up this morning, my ass was dragging on the ground so hard that sparks were flying. So pretty.

I got through the day fairly well. I left to get ready for my duet rehearsal for the CGMC show, A Cowboy Christmas.

I arrived at our director’s home and rang the bell. There was no answer.

I waited about ten minutes, thinking maybe he was running late. Meanwhile, I was wondering where my duet partner was, as he hadn’t shown up either.

After about fifteen minutes, I was freezing my ass off. So I went back to my car and called my director’s house. He wasn’t home.

So I went home.

And checked my Email.

Only to discover that the rehearsal is scheduled for NEXT WEEK.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if my hair is truly bleached blonde.

So I settled on the sofa to finish watching Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy while waiting for the boy to call. He had a class tonight and was going to call when he got done.

He finally called at 10:00, which I expected.

“Rick, you aren’t going to believe the day I’ve had today.” he said.

“I think I can probably relate, since I’ve had sort of a weird day too,” I replied.

“I lost my wallet at school today. I’ve been searching for the last hour and a half for it. I think I left it in a common area, but at this hour the lost and found is closed, so if someone turned it in, I wouldn’t know.”

“Oh man, that sucks. I hope you find it!!” I said.

“So I really feel bad, but can we postpone until tomorrow night?” he asked. “I’m pretty worn out and frustrated right now, and wouldn’t be very good company. Plus, I’m kinda tired after our marathon talk last night.” He giggled a bit. He has the most adorable giggle. It’s very endearing.

“You know what, I’m kinda in the same boat,” and I told him what happened with me today.

So we are postponing the date until tomorrow night. And I’m perfectly fine with that. I hope you can wait another 24 hours for the scoop. πŸ™‚ Hey… if I can wait, you can wait. πŸ™‚