So Harriet Miers gave up today. She wrote a letter to Mr. President and threw her hands up in the air and walked away.

wow. what a surprise. i’m in shock. i just don’t know what to say. what will happen now.

Say all of that with absolutely no expression whatsoever. Because quite frankly, I’m not in shock. I’m not surprised.

So what’s the deal? Was Harriet Miers ever really a candidate for the job? Or was she just a plant… put in place so that Bushie and his right-wing, ultra-conservative cronies could have more time to find the candidate they really wanted?

There are theories abounding all across the board on this one, but I tend to agree with the plant theory.

Let’s face it, folks. Bushie and Harriet are buddies. Look at how she’s giving him the eye in the photo. What do you think those eyes are saying?

“Man, if only Laura was out of the picture, I’d have you to myself.”


“I’ll do anything you want, Daddy. Just say the word.”

or is it

“These people are such suckers. If only they knew our TRUE plan. BWAhahahahhaha….

Bushie and Harriet have been pals for a long, long time, from as long ago as when he was the Governor of Texas. There’s plenty of evidence to back this up– from public records to the gushy notes posted sent between the two recently on The Smoking Gun. Let’s face it. If Bush said jump, she’d say “How high?” and “To where?” Hell, she’d probably even throw in a “Anything for you, O great wise master.”

And just before she withdrew her own nomination, reports were beginning to come out about her knowledge of Bush-related activities that could have harmed his “credibility”– from Texas lottery scandals to, once again, his National Guard experience. Such knowledge could have– and possibly would have– been grilled out of her during questioning by the Senate. So rather than ruin Bushie’s credibility– shaky as it already is– she withdrew.

Fausto Fernós of Feast of Fools has been talking for the past two weeks about all of this on his podcast, and I agree with him word-for-word. She was a decoy. She was never a true candidate. All this time, Bush and his cronies and his pundits and his “think tanks” have been looking for the most conservative; most hard-nosed, most steely candidate they could find. And now that they’ve got him (or her) all wrapped up and ready, Harriet suddenly has “decided” to throw in the towel.

How sickeningly convenient.

Mark my, and Fausto’s, and many, many others’, words. If you think things are bad now, they might be getting much worse very soon. The far-right wing is literally dancing in the aisles. They can’t WAIT to see what will happen next. Because in their eyes, they won. They’re going to get exactly what they want… AGAIN.

Interesting article to read: World News Daily’s Joseph Farah, October 13, 2005. I found this AFTER I wrote the above post.

I’m not alone here, folks.