An ode to the online cruising world

To the tune of “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”
Words by yours truly.

To all the guys who play mind games,
Whose online profiles are their names,
I fall, like such a fool,
A lamebrained nympho tool,
For all the guys who play mind games.

To all the guys who claim they’re hot
By showing off their own cock shots.
What hides above the waist?
Will it make a gay whore chaste?
Give us proof that you’re hot, or not!

Things never change, and they’ll keep going
Online to bait and switch their prey
And as each victim falls they’re showing
The slimy side of being gay.

To all the men who cruise for sex
By showing off their abs and pecs
Hon, I can get along
Without pictures of your schlong.
There’s more to life than online sex!

To all the guys who piss me off.
Who arrange dates then blow me off.
Did I commit some crime
To make me waste my time
On all these guys who piss me off?

The winds of change have started blowing.
I’m over all this crazy shit.
These sleazy guys aren’t worth my knowing.
It’s time that I disposed of it.

And so it’s time to say goodbye to
Bottom4U, and the rest.
Too old for this, it’s time I try to
Take care of me and get some rest.