I love technology!

Can I just say how much I love technology? It’s amazing what has happened in the last few years to make everything easier — from sharing your innermost thoughts to radio to even calling your friends all over the globe.

This morning, I was awakened by a strange ringing sound. It didn’t sound like my landline phone or my cell phone. It also wasn’t my head from all the drinking I did the night before. It was coming from my computer. When I checked it, I found that my friend Elle, who had recently moved from New York to Sydney, Australia, was calling me on my Skype account.

Let me say this here and now… Skype is one cool program. If you have a broadband connection, a microphone for your computer, and a halfway decent sound card, download it. Then tell your friends across the globe to download it as well (just like I am doing right now.) Skype gives you the ability to talk real-time to people through your computer… and IT IS FREE. That’s right folks, FREE. I talked to Elle for a good hour and 1/2 for absolutely nothing. And it sounded like she was sitting right next to me, laughing and telling stories of her new life in Oz. (I sense a vacation in my future!) Plus, if you download Skype, you can call and chat with me. Now what, I ask you, could be better? 😉

Ever since I bought my iPod, I’ve been enjoying the increasingly popular world of podcasting. To me, podcasting is an extension of blogging, but with much more diversity and much more freedom. You can podcast about anything if you want to, but the best podcasters are basically doing radio programs that aren’t governed by the FCC and therefore can be as bold, brash, sassy and explicit as they want to be. And you know what? I LOVE IT.

You may have noticed that I’ve added a “Podcasts” category to my sidebar, and the only one listed as of now is a link to “Feast of Fools.” I’ve been a regular listener to Fausto Fernos’ Feast of Fools podcast for the last month or so, and I love it. It’s talk radio but it’s fun, it’s crazy, and best of all, it’s all gay. Fausto and his adorable partner, Marc are based in Chicago, just blocks away from me, and have been on the scene for quite some time now. They put on a really great show, which is extremely high in quality and in content. It’s great to listen while I’m on my daily commute to and from work and laugh out loud at some of the craziness that occurs. If you haven’t listened yet, to go the Feast of Fools website and download a couple shows, or subscribe through iTunes. And while you’re at it, check out some of the podcasts by many of Fausto’s friends (and frequent guests), such as Madge Weinstein’s Yeast Radio. Gotta love that name.

I’ve also subscribed to the Patrick and Noah show, (just recently renamed to PNSexplosion to add the initial of the adorable Scott, plus, I would bet, to add the word “sex” to the title. Clever, boys!) which I first heard of on the Feast of Fools. They’re just getting started, but they have a lot of fun. You can also subscribe to their show through iTunes.

An old blogging buddy, Andymatic, has his own podcast as well. You can download his podcast on Andy’s blog, Andymatic.com, or… yes, through iTunes.

So use your mouse and browse over to these great sites and check them out. And when you get Skype set up, click on that little green button over in the sidebar (on the left) that says “Add me to Skype” and… well… add me to Skype!