Life with Rick

Life with me is an adventure. To say the least.

In the last two weeks, I’ve had my car stolen (which I’ve just now located), had my DSL disconnected (which is now back on), and all the while, worked my ass off between my job and my two choruses. I’m on overload. And yet, I’m still plugging along.

This weekend I went to visit my parents. It was a nice visit, aside from the time spent doing manual labor. My sister and I worked in my mom’s daylily garden, digging them out and splitting them up so they would bloom again next year. I haven’t done so much shoveling in a long time. I’m a little sore today, but I’ll be fine. It was nice to be working the soil again, even if it was about 98% humidity that day and I was drenched by the time we were done. Or maybe that was the rain that started falling just as we wrapped things up. How fortuitous (my new favorite word).

Since my car is still MIA, (and for all I know, it may never be useable again,) my parents helped me rent a car for the weekend. Talk about being spoiled. I had a 2005 Ford Taurus. It was all decked out with leather seats, power windows and a sunroof… chock full of all the gadgets I didn’t have in my crummy ’97 Oldsmobile. But best of all, it had Air Conditioning. I forgot how much I missed having that!!!

Hm… on second thought, my life isn’t so much an adventure after all. It’s more of a bore.

Yes, folks, this is one of those dreadful “What I did this weekend” posts. I was going to write something witty, waxing poetic about my woeful sex life, or my equally woeful dating life; but I figured you were all tired of my whining about that by now.

It’s either this, or another tired old meme. And we all know how much we love those. 🙂

I need something exciting to happen in my life. I need a date. I need sex. Hell, I’ll settle with a man to just cuddle with all night (do you know how long it’s been since I’ve cuddled? It’s shocking, I’ll tell you that much).

I’m lonely. And I need to do something about that. I just don’t know what it is… yet.