Before the weekend arrives…

Just a few things to tell/talk about before the weekend arrives….

Oh Say Will You See Me On TV?
Yep, the chorus is singing the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs game again this weekend. This is the third year in a row we will be making this appearance. The first time was in 2003, we were on TV when we sang. It was also the year when the Cubs were poised to clinch the Central Division (which they did that very day). We were even given a block of tickets to watch it all happen (which was UNBELIEVABLE).

Last year, the Cubs were still in contention for something, but we weren’t on TV when we sang, we didn’t get to see the game (which is just as well, since the Cubs lost the game anyway), and to top it all off, they eventually blew their chance to be in the playoffs anyway. This year, the Cubs don’t have a chance at all in the playoffs, the game (against the Cardinals, big rivals for the Cubs) is being televised nationally, but we probably won’t be on TV yet again (FOX is televising the game. Need I say more?)

Yet for this Cubs fan, it’s still every bit as exciting as the first time to walk on that legendary field with between 70 and 80 fellow gay boys and proudly sing the country’s National Anthem in front of thousands of appreciative fans– and be announced as the CHICAGO GAY MEN’S CHORUS (last year they said CHOIR… GRRR) before doing it. It’s a major rush, I won’t deny it.

The game is on Saturday at 12:20 PM CDT on FOX (broadcast) TV. Turn it on at around at least Noon to see if we make the cut.

Read this book!!!!
I just finished reading The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. If you have ever worked for a tyrannical shrew of a boss (and who hasn’t?), had a job that you absolutely loathed or sold your soul to get and retain, or just simply paid your dues royally to get ahead in life, you will greatly relate to this book. It was hilarious and engrossing. Just what I love about a book.

Do I relate to the story? Um… Let’s just say that’s all I will say about that. πŸ™‚

eBay, I love you and I hate you
I’ve done a little bit of eBaying lately. And instead of un-sensibly buying a bunch of dishes to add to my already-overflowing dinner set, I bought something that I needed. A new DVD player.

This is the third DVD player I’ve had to buy. The first one lasted me just a little over 2 years before it conked out. The second one didn’t even last me 6 months. I have NO idea what the hell is wrong with these cheap pieces of crap machines that makes them die on me so quickly. I don’t abuse them; I don’t even use them every single day. But I wasn’t going to spend $150 again just to create more landfill waste. So I figured I’d browse eBay and see what I could find. And what I did find was a reconditioned high-end DVD player that is HDTV ready (like I’ll be HDTV ready in the next 5 years) and all formats of DVDs, CDs, Photo CDs, SACDs (which I have one of), all in a sleek and sexy little model, for only $45 (about $60 with shipping and handling), and with a $6.99 3-year warranty.

Yeah I couldn’t pass that one up. It arrived yesterday and I love it. Now I just need to replace my piece of shit TV…

So why do I hate eBay?

I’ve also been trying to thin out my collection of CDs and DVDs that I’ve received as gifts or through those membership club deals that send you things you don’t want, along with stuff I don’t listen to or watch anymore. So I set up eBay to sell them.

It works great and all, but I just can’t figure out how the whole shipping charge thing works. They pay for the CD (which is around $5) and then I thought they were supposed to pay for shipping too… but no, *I* had to pay for shipping, which ends up being at least $9 per CD or DVD. What the fuck is that about? What’s the point of even selling the goddamned thing if I have to PAY MORE to ship it out? The peace of mind that it’s out of my house once and for all? No, that isn’t worth it. If that’s the case, I’ll put them all in a milk crate downstairs and put up a sign that says “Free for the taking” and let people have at them. Am I doing something wrong? Or just plain confused (as I would have to bet I probably am) about something? HELP!

Finally, a simple question
Why is it that all the cutest, nicest, and most available guys I meet online; who are interested in more than just a quick fuck or a blowjob, are always located miles and miles away from me? Are there not any attractive, nice, and most importantly, NORMAL guys in Chicago anymore? Or have I already gone through them all? I certainly hope not.

Now if one these wonderful, cute, nice, and available guys would just move to Chicago and be my husband, that would be GREAT. But don’t hold your breath. Lord knows I won’t.

Have a great weekend, everyone! πŸ™‚

I did a little bit of cosmetic work on the blog…. a much more readable font in the posts section and some changes to the sidebar (Google Ads? Bye bye! Podcasts? Hello!). As always your comments and/or suggestions are welcome (and encouraged!) Have a good one.


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