Drag-ged through the mud

This past weekend was quite the adventure.

My friend Jeremy invited me to a party he called “Ain’t it a Drag, Summer’s Over!” And as you could probably guess from the title of the party, this wasn’t going to be just any ordinary party!!

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re betting that you’re going to see some scandalous pictures of me in drag.

Sorry to disappoint you all.:)

Oh I did consider it. In fact, when the Evite first went out, I had every intention of dressing the part. Problem is, I don’t own ANYTHING that pertains to women’s wear, and quite frankly, if I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on clothes, they are going to be clothes that I can wear anytime, and anywhere. Besides, I’ve done drag before, and folks, I’m here to tell ya… I make one UGLY WOMAN.

Nevertheless, I still went to the party. I just went as one of the ladies’ escorts. :-)

And of course, since I don’t go anywhere without my camera, I had quite a wonderful time snapping photos of the boys as they morphed into their feminine alter egos.

So I will at least share with you a couple of my favorites. And of course, there are more where these came from on my flickr site!

Ready for a night on the town.

Wanna ride me, baby?

Charlie's Queens


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