Something to smile about

There’s been too much doom and gloom lately, so I’m going to liven things up a bit.

I know I’ve posted this picture of my kitty Screech before:

At the time, I just thought he was the CUTEST THING EVER for going in that sink BY HIMSELF and staying there so I could take pictures of him. Well I still think he IS the cutest thing EVER… but I’ve discovered that he’s not entirely clever.

I thought he was, at least, until I saw this site:

Cats In Sinks

That’s right. Cats in sinks, cats in sinks, and… you guessed it… nothing but cats in sinks. And here I thought my Scritter was so original.

So I submitted his picture. Let’s see if he gets featured.

I hope that brought at least some semblance of a smile to your face. 🙂