I Don't LIke SPAM! It happens to the best of us all. And yet up until now, I have somehow been spared.

Yes, that’s right. My blog is being comment-spammed.

Every day I get at least 25 new offers for viagra, or “Texas Hold-Em Poker” or some other fly-by-night scheme. And every day I label each one “SPAM” and send it to some unknown repository in the sky.

I guess I’ve finally arrived.

Fortunately WordPress has a moderation feature built in that somehow is catching each of these spam comments before they go live on the site… so you never have to see them. I just delete them, and they’re gone.

But if you do see a comment about something other than the subject matter (aside from a snarky remark or someone just being plain silly), please let me know.

Because, as Monty Python once said…