A few things to share…

Ah yes, it’s another one of those little tidbits of uninteresting silliness to share with you, my lovely readers. All 20-something of you.

Really, you’ll love this. Trust me.

Download this tool!
Google Desktop Search. They just posted an updated (beta) version of their nifty desktop searching tool that includes an extra-cool feature called the “Sidebar” (how thrillingly original!). It automatically updates local news and weather, Email (and Gmail if you so desire), but best of all, it keeps you up-to-date on all your favorite blogs AUTOMATICALLY… as in, it knows which blogs you’ve visited and lists them for you. You can read all the latest posts of all your blogfriends quick and easy. (Of course you can add other blogs as neccessary.) Now that’s pretty cool.

It also catalogs your entire hard drive so you can find what you want quickly and easily. The cataloging takes a little while (and hogs the resources like nobody’s business) but it’s worth it if you’re having a hard time finding something.

They are continually developing new things for this utility, so of course, keep checking Google for updates. But in the meantime, have fun with it.

Dance For Life
This weekend I will be singing with a small group of CGMC boys at Dance For Life, which will be held on Chicago’s Navy’ Pier. This is the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to see this event, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

Dance For Life benefits four major HIV/AIDS charities in Chicago with performances by Chicago’s top dance troupes, such as Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, Hubbard Street Dance, River North Chicago Dance Company, Thodos Dance Chicago, and the legendary Joffrey Ballet. It’s run by friends of mine from CGMC, who started it over 10 years ago as a way for dance companies to give their time and talents to organizations fighting HIV/AIDS and to raise funds for them as well. It’s a wonderful, worthwhile event, and if you have the means and the time, you should check it out (although I hear they are close to selling out, which is fantastic!)

Pat Robertson
I couldn’t let this one slip by. It just pissed me off too much. Who else just wants to slug this idiot? What a dickhead. Yeah I know, no different than any other loud-mouthed republican/conservative type… but has this geezer really lost his mind? I think so. Here we are, going on and on about combatting terrorism, and what do we do? What types of things are we saying? And I’m not saying the collective “We” here, because Pat Robertson certainly does NOT speak for all of us when he says “We should assasinate him” and “We should take him out.” (Unless of course he is talking about taking out a cute guy for drinks. Then he’s speaking my language.)

Oh and have you noticed this?

Can you tell them apart? I barely can.