Peter Jennings

Peter JenningsYou could say he was just another media figure. Another person that you saw on TV… nothing special. But he wasn’t just that. He was special. He was a calm voice. A reassuring word. A man true to what he said, and what he delivered.

People are saying things like “He was like one of the family” or “I feel like I’ve lost a friend” with Mr. Jennings’ untimely passing. I agree. During times like 9/11, the Atlanta bombings, Oklahoma City, and numerous wars and world events, Peter Jennings was the man to turn to for clear, concise, and honest journalism.

Who could forget the marathon coverage of Y2K, when he was so tired he could barely get his words out… but they were still good words, and better than most any others I’d want to hear.

Peter was cut down by lung cancer. Another victim of smoking. Another reason why I shall never pick up a cigarette in my lifetime. My mother is the main reason.

You shall be missed, Mr. Jennings.