Fridge Fun

Fridge Fun!A few days ago I was in the kitchen, as I am often, and I went to the fridge to… I dunno, get some milk or something. And just before I opened the door, I took a look at it.

I forgot all about the Fridge Fun.

You remember Fridge Fun. Those kitschy little word magnets that people would put on their refrigerators so that people could write clever little things when they had nothing better to do.

Well I had two sets of Fridge Fun: Personal Ads and Love Letters. If you’re thinking “The possibilities are endless” you are right.

I had them up in my second apartment in Wicker Park, but never put them up in my previous apartment in Andersonville because my roommate had a set of his own and he had his up already. So when I moved in here three years ago I put them up again.

And forgot about them.

Well in the course of the last few years, I have had three parties and various other gatherings. And in that time, someone– I have no idea who– must have wrote some cute little things with my Fridge Fun.

So I grabbed my camera (and tripod) and… well… here are some examples.

Nice going baby!Never trust a dog...Can't have clean thoughtsHis date could warm up your pizzaShe's very flat chestedIn your jeans babySports terms make us boredHow wrong her hairPlease start doing me!Drugs are like short loveHave good song will travelSingle need good sexWe should can't have marriage