Support Stem Cell Research!

There’s a lot to cover today, so I’m just going to lay it all out there in one post, and hopefully it won’t be too long when I’m done. I can’t bore you now, can I?

Stem Cell Research

The news about Bill Frist going against the Republican mainstream on Stem Cell Research made me sit up and tilt my head. It’s about damn time one of those dimwits spoke up for themselves instead of going Borg on the issue. (Please pardon the geeky Star Trek reference, but it’s true isn’t it?) It’s being PROVEN that stem cells are useful in treating and even possibly CURING some truly devestating diseases and conditions, but that PROOF can’t HAPPEN unless scientists can do the research that is necessary.

Which leads me to my next gripe.

Just as Senator Frist, who is a physician and has some credibility to back up why he made the decision he made, announced his decision… Ol’ Dumbya comes right out and stands firm that he won’t back down on his choice to limit the research based on his moral values and all that crap.

For the love of whatever you want to worship, Dumbya, can you just get your head out of your ASS long enough to think with that peabrain you have about the effects that this can have on the lives of MILLIONS of people… not just in the US but the WORLD? And your moral grounds are completely groundLESS. Those embryos are meant to produce life in the already living. Think about it. Isn’t that preserving life? Isn’t that morally correct? Doesn’t that make SENSE?

The Religious “RIGHT” can KISS MY ASS
Hot on the tails of all this mudslinging, some podunk preacher from some backhills shack of a church, heading yet another Conservative Christian Family Values group decides to put his $.02 after Frist came out with his decision:

“He cannot be pro-life and pro-embryonic stem cell funding,” said Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition. “Nor can he turn around and expect widespread endorsement from the pro-life community if he should decide to run for president.”

That’s right Pattyboy. Cut that and dry it. Color it in black and white. And while you’re at it, SHUT THE FU*K UP.

On the good side, Frist’s decision will hopefully push the discussion in favor of what’s right– opening up the funding for the research that is needed. This is GOOD NEWS folks. No matter what your political flavor, we have to thank Dr. Frist for speaking his mind. He’s done good. There is hope yet.

Why am I so passionate about Stem Cell Research?

Here is a great sampling from the National Institutes of Health website about Stem Cells and what they can help the medical community do:

Studying stem cells will help us understand how they transform into the dazzling array of specialized cells that make us what we are. Some of the most serious medical conditions, such as cancer and birth defects, are due to problems that occur somewhere in this process. A better understanding of normal cell development will allow us to understand and perhaps correct the errors that cause these medical conditions.

Another potential application of stem cells is making cells and tissues for medical therapies. Today, donated organs and tissues are often used to replace those that are diseased or destroyed. Unfortunately, the number of people needing a transplant far exceeds the number of organs available for transplantation. Pluripotent stem cells offer the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat a myriad of diseases, conditions, and disabilities including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. (Emphasis added)

The conditions that I bolded and italicized in the preceding quote are all conditions that members of my family suffer from currently. The big one in that list for me is diabetes. My father is a diabetic and it’s killing him. If this research can help find a cure for this horrible disease in any way, I am ALL FOR IT.

So folks, get busy and start being vocal. Call your congresspeople, senators, represenatatives, whoever will listen to you, and tell them to support this research. The advances have come this far and the results are encouraging. Without the funding from the government that they need, however, there isn’t much hope for it to continue. Don’t wait until a member of your family is afflicted with one of the above mentioned conditions to speak up. It might be too late by then.