I'm such a friggin' perfectionist

I really am. And I’ll tell you why. The header on my blog was driving me batty in that “I just need to fix that” sort of way. Now don’t get me wrong, Lisa and Scott kicked major bootay on this thing. I give every prop in the world to them. But somehow the header was just a little goofy, and in that graphic designer mentality that I have I just COULD NOT LET IT GO.

Deep breath.

OK so I fixed it (which I have to say I am a tiny bit shocked that I even figured out how to do), and now everything lines up all pretty and perfectly. And while I was at it tweaked a couple things just a tad. So now the Posts column is titled “Today’s Ramblings” en homage to the old blog, and the tagline to this whole crazy thing (*Ramblings and a whole lot MORE!) is just a wee bit more readable.

I know you don’t give a rat’s ass.

But I do. 🙂 😛