Community Killers

Crystal meth is killing the gay community.

Not just the members of it, but the community itself, and any semblance of the presence OF a community that we have had.

In the course of the last year, three people I know personally have been arrested, imprisoned, or nearly killed by the effects of crystal meth. These are people who have held great positions in the community and were well-respected. They led lives that would make one think they had it all.

But meth destroyed all of that. All they had is gone. They are either going to rot in prison, or spend the rest of their lives weakened and dying due to the damage done to themselves.

Today I learned of another person. This person was entrusted with a great deal of information, and was expected to deliver great results to one of the many groups I am involved with. And now he’s been arrested on the accusation of possesion with intent to sell crystal meth.

The old cliche saying is true… you think you know a guy.

Being a person who has never done drugs of any kind, yet who has certainly experimented with other things in life, I can see where people would be curious about certain things. But this has got to stop. This plague is ruining our community in ways that HIV/AIDS could never have dreamed. There’s a credibility issue at stake here. And for as many years as we have been fighting for that credibility, the presence of this demon is subtracting days, months, and years from it as each life is claimed by its claws.

I can honestly say that I will never get involved with crystal meth. I have in the past, and may in the future, come in contact with people who have been or are involved with it, but I just cannot let it ruin my life in any way, shape or form. It’s vital to my survival as a gay man, and to the survival of the gay community as a whole, that people think this way.

It is my hope that many more people out there will take on this pledge and keep it out of their lives as well.