Welcome to my new home!

It took a while, but I’m finally here!

Welcome to my Launching Pad!

Before I even start, I must thank two very wonderful people for putting so much time, energy and sweat into making my little vision happen. Those people are Scott-O-Rama and his friend, Lisa, who owns and operates E.Webscapes, a blog design company. Scott and Lisa, THANK YOU from the bottom (and the top) of my heart. You did an amazing job, and I am VERY pleased with the results.

So please visit their sites and give them some business!

The new look was based on my design… I did it in Photoshop all by my little lonely self. Problem was, I had no idea how to transfer what I had put in pixel format to the format I needed. And… I wanted to use the template in WordPress, not in Blogger anymore. Talk about challenges!

I almost must give some props to Feisty Girl, because she came up with the first set of coding for this site. She took my color schemes and graphics and made a valiant first crack at it. I then sent her coding to Scott, who contacted Lisa, and between them both, they made it work.

So strap yourselves in, please keep your hands and arms inside the cabin, and don’t forget your helmet. This rocket is about to take off.

Oh and don’t forget to change your links… RcktRamblings is now closed. 🙂