Happy Blogoversary To Me!

It’s coming.

And I can hardly believe it. I really can’t.

My one-year blogoversary is coming. On July 8, 2004, I started RcktRamblings. And a year later, I’m still here.

Yep, I can’t believe it.

In the course of one year, I have met incredible people, shared my innermost thoughts, and told some long-winded stories. I’ve opened up chapters of my life that I’ve kept hidden, and vented about issues that frustrate me. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

I wasn’t really sure what RcktRamblings would become when I first started out. I jumped into blogging rather quickly after reading Jake’s blog. (I guess Jake would be considered my “Blog Daddy,” but don’t tell him that.) It reminded me of my old online Journal, and I thought to myself, “Hell, if he can do it, so can I.” And so I did.

I’ve tried everything — pix of hot guys, poetry, complete utter nonsense, going on about daily or weekly activities, and ranting about political issues. I’ve done the blogging every day thing, and I’ve done the blogging whenever I wanted to thing. I’ve even changed the look of the blog once, and am still working on a complete overhaul for the future.

But at the end of the first year, I have realized that my blog is just that– MY blog. It’s my place to share, vent, blather on, laugh, or cry. It’s essentially another part of the whole me. It’s helped me through some tough times, and it’s been a good friend when I needed it. I’m doing this for myself. The fact that I’ve had readers along the way is just icing on the cake WITH cherries to top it off.

So thank you to those who have regularly stopped by, and thank you to those who drop in occasionally. I may not get 25+ comments after every posting. I may not have 50,000 hits. (although nearly 20,000 is nothing to whine about if you ask me.) I may not have the answers to all of life’s questions, and I may not even have anything interesting to say every day or every week. But I’m glad I’m here, I’m glad YOU are here, and I’m so glad to have made this journey.

So here’s to another year. Salut!