Read this. Get pissed off. (Part 2)

This adult picture brought to you by… censorship!

That’s right folks, censorship is alive and well in the 21st century, and websites such as (where the above image is from) are forced to “dumb down” their rules on pictures… pictures of members who have paid for this service.

As a paying member of, this upsets me. So I am posting the information that they have posted on their site about why they have resorted to this measure. So read it, get pissed off, and do something. That’s all I’m asking.

Changes to our photo policy mandated by the Bush Administration

Always on the lookout for hot guys and ways to keep people from having fun, the US Dept. of Justice is taking a break from prosecuting terrorists to do something they think is more important: restricting your right to view and share photos online.

All member photos identified as adult on our site are temporarily unavailable for public view, due to the sudden, and unconstitutional, decision by the US Dept. of Justice to place new restrictions on all web sites around the world that do business in the US (I guess nobody ever told them the internet is borderless). thinks your adult photos should be sexy, secure, and legally protected, so we’ve joined with other companies to seek an injunction against this ruling. We’re doing everything possible to minimize its impact on you.

What does this mean for you?

Your civil liberties are under attack by the US government!
All photos identified as adult will be temporarily unavailable from public view
Members will still be able to view their own adult photos and edit their profiles, but they temporarily won’t be able to see anyone else’s adult photos will begin reviewing all adult photos, and will make them available again for public viewing if they meet our new standards (see below)
About these new government regulations

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has previously found these regulations to be unconstitutional, yet the Bush Administration has chosen to pursue them anyway
The new regulations go into effect June 23, 2005
It only applies to “sexually explicit” content, not content that is merely “lascivious” (Hmmm, I don’t know what explicit means, but I know it when I see it!)
See below for a detailed, and entertaining, explanation of what’s “explicit.”
Your adult photos

The good news: most of your photos are OK (including your adult photos) and will be restored once they’ve been approved by, because the dirty boys at the US government only consider certain poses and activities to be “sexually explicit”
The bad news: under these regulations will no longer be able to accept or display “sexually explicit” photos from its members for either public or private view

New standards for “sexually explicit” content on

• A hand holding or touching genitals, or appearing to grip or stimulate genitals is considered masturbation and is prohibited.
‚Ä¢ A hand clearly “cupping” or covering genitals for the purposes of keeping them covered is allowable.
• A hand inside pants is prohibited as it implies masturbation.
• Pictures with more that one person that include nudity are prohibited.
• All cartoons are prohibited.
• While images of a nude person on all fours is allowable, an image showing the buttocks being held apart by hands would be considered explicit and prohibited.
• In the interest of safety, no images of nude children (e.g. a nude baby at the beach with her two dads) will be allowed.
• A clothed person posing with their pet is allowed, but a nude person with an animal is prohibited (no more walking your dog in the nude!).
• An image of a person in a bondage or fetish outfit is allowed (but please, no polyester!).
‚Ä¢ Images that depict bondage or S&M “abuse” are prohibited (shockingly, images from Abu Ghraib prison would be censored under the new regulations)
‚Ä¢ Digital images run through an “illustrator” filter on software would be held to these same standards

What is doing about the regulation?

• We have joined with other companies to legally challenge its enactment
‚Ä¢ We’re fighting for your civil liberties, and oppose undue government interference with individual expression
‚Ä¢ We’re fighting against such regulations because we know they have a disproportionate effect on historically isolated groups, such as the LGBT community
Make your voice heard!

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