Fantasy Soon to be Reality! (?)

It’s looking like my fantasy of a new home for my ramblings is taking steps closer to reality!

Thanks to Feisty Girl and Scott-O-Rama, and possibly a few others who may be recruited (I know who you are!), things are progressing! It may not look EXACTLY like what you see to the right… but it will hopefully look somewhat like it.

I’ve just about abandoned the WordPress idea though. I can’t seem to find anyone that knows how to set up a template, and when I tried to do it myself, the results were disastrous to say the least. So I think we’re just going to start all over again and see what comes up.

In the meantime, RcktRamblings is what it is, and will stay that way for a while.

And if you are handy with coding sites like this, and want to help out, do drop me a line and let me know. Your help would be most greatly appreciated!