Why I hate to answer the phone


Me: Hello?

Annoying Sales Guy: Hello, is this Richard Ayelyeo?

Me: Aiello, yes.

Annoying Sales Guy: How do I pronounce it?

Me: (louder) AIELLO…. (pronouncing) I-L-O.

Annoying Sales Guy: Oh I’m sorry Mr. Aylelo, I’m calling from Vonage phone service, have you heard of us?

Me: Yes, I have, but I am not interested, thank you.

Annoying Sales Guy: Well sir, I am calling today to offer you….

Me: I’m sorry, but I already said I am not interested….

Annoying Sales Guy: $24.95 a month, sir.

Me: Look, I’ve told you twice already….

Annoying Sales Guy: You have to admit that’s a great….

Me: (sternly) Listen, sir, I have told you more than enough times that I am not interested, and I am not going to change my mind. Please do not call me again!


I’ve gotta get on that “Do Not Call” list once and for all.