Why I hate to answer the phone


Me: Hello?

Annoying Sales Guy: Hello, is this Richard Ayelyeo?

Me: Aiello, yes.

Annoying Sales Guy: How do I pronounce it?

Me: (louder) AIELLO…. (pronouncing) I-L-O.

Annoying Sales Guy: Oh I’m sorry Mr. Aylelo, I’m calling from Vonage phone service, have you heard of us?

Me: Yes, I have, but I am not interested, thank you.

Annoying Sales Guy: Well sir, I am calling today to offer you….

Me: I’m sorry, but I already said I am not interested….

Annoying Sales Guy: $24.95 a month, sir.

Me: Look, I’ve told you twice already….

Annoying Sales Guy: You have to admit that’s a great….

Me: (sternly) Listen, sir, I have told you more than enough times that I am not interested, and I am not going to change my mind. Please do not call me again!


I’ve gotta get on that “Do Not Call” list once and for all.

Michael Jackson – Not Guilty

I can’t say I’m shocked. But I am disappointed.

Yeah, ok, innocent until proven guilty. I know. But still… how could he not have done any of those things?

I’ll say this much… don’t expect him to be touring the world or moonwalking anytime soon. That is, of course, unless his back miraculously heals. Which you know it will. Tomorrow.

Ah, yes… the wonder of the American justice system.