It's not sweat… I'm GLOWING

It’s hot.

I’m not just saying that because it’s been cold up until a few days ago. It’s just plain hot. As in heat and humidity. As in sweat. Lots of sweat.

Yep… summer has arrived early in Chicago.

And my apartment, which is outfitted with two air conditioning units, is sweltering. Oh sure, they’d be doing a great job… if they COULD do the job they were supposed to be doing.

One of my A/C units is a monster thing that saps enough energy to cause the second coming of the eastern seaboard blackouts of 2003. I had to run downstairs four times yesterday to switch one of my measley 15 amp circuits back on because it kept tripping it.

When I moved in here, I had only the smaller unit, which I kept in my bedroom. It worked great, but the rest of the place was uninhabitable. I don’t think I used my living room until winter arrived. Last spring, I purchased the larger unit, and put it in the living room. But when I started using both of the units, I realized that I had to move one of them, because they were both on the same circuit, and would trip the circuit as soon as I turned them both on.

So I took the small one out of my bedroom and moved it to the dining room which adjoins it. This seemed to work OK last summer, but my bedroom never got very cool. And I like it cool. VERY cool.

So this year, when they installed my new windows, I switched the units– the smaller one went in the living room, and the larger one went in the dining room/office. I figured this would work great– the big unit could easily cool both the dining room/office and my bedroom, and the smaller one would cool the living room.

Wrong. I seemed to forget that the circuit being used in the dining room/office also operates everything in the kitchen (including the refrigerator) and my computer (which as you can imagine is just chock full of stuff that saps electricity). So when things heat up, and big mama starts wanting to cool things down, trip goes the circuit.

So I’ve moved the small unit back into my bedroom, and the big one is just kind of sitting here. Doing nothing. And my apartment is hot. VERY hot.

All this makes me ponder this bit of trivia… if you have a three-floor apartment building, and are outfitting said three-floor apartment building with electricity (as well you should, in this day and age), would you put the higher-amp circuits on the bottom floors, which don’t get nearly as hot in the summertime and therefore don’t require as much electricity to keep cool, or put them on the top floor apartments? Apparently, my landlord wasn’t thinking about this when she (or he, whoever does the electrical work in this joint) put 20-amp circuits in all the 1st and 2nd floor apartments, but 15-amp circuits in all the 3rd floor apartments.

Now, I will admit, I know nothing about electricity. In fact, I had to browse Google just to understand what the hell I was talking about in the above paragraph. (What did we ever do before Google?) But I do know that you need higher-capacity circuits in order to run things that need more power. Believe me. I know this. Because I’ve run down into that nasty, dusty, spider-infested basement more times than I care to remember in the last three years to turn my power back on.

And I’m getting sick of it. I’ve asked my landlord to upgrade my circuits many times, but nothing has been done. Is there any way (short of bribery and/or begging) that I can make her do it? Or do I just have to suffer until I move (which, since I just signed a new lease in May, isn’t anytime soon.)

It’s gonna be a looooong summer, folks.