This fun article was posted on the news section of my Firm’s intranet today. And I had to laugh. It contains what I believe will be the best new word of the year.

I wanna be a lactivist too.

And on another note… do they really pay these people to talk about this stuff? I want their job.

Nursing moms protest ‘The View’ comments
NEW YORK, June 7 (UPI) — About 150 “lactivists” nursed their babies outside ABC’s New York City studios to protest comments made by the women of “The View.”

Barbara Walters had said she and a companion felt awkward sitting next to a nursing mother on an airplane, the New York Daily News said.

“It made me very nervous,” Walters said on the May 17 show. “She didn’t cover the baby with a blanket. It made us uncomfortable.”

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is nursing her daughter, Grace, said she was “uncomfortable breast-feeding in general.”

Then the hosts appeared to celebrate when Hasselbeck said her daughter had her first bottle of formula, sparking nurse-in protests in four cities, the Daily News said.

Women protesting in New York Monday said they feared the comments may keep some mothers from nursing and some even demanded an on-air apology.

Walters said she was surprised by all the fuss and said all the hosts of “The View” support breast-feeding.