Joy through the pain

First, thank you to everyone who gave their support, either in comments or in Email, regarding the previous post about my ex. I have talked to him a few times since then, and while there still isn’t any change in his condition, his spirits are decidedly better. I think as he talks about it with more people and gets it out in the open, he will find that people will be supportive rather than destructive. Because people care… and want only the best for him.

Also, I want to say “I am sorry” to anyone and everyone who has had problems lately with Haloscan’s comment system as of late. Either you have tried to comment and the screen never comes up, or the comments aren’t being saved. Either way, they are just full of problems lately and it’s driving me nuts.

Which brings me to my next subject.

Remember this?

A few months ago I presented a challenge to someone with the skills and the patience to redesign my blog. I am still looking for this to happen. There were a few of you that said they would give it a shot, but aside from one of you (and I won’t name names), I haven’t heard of any progress. So… any progress? I would really REALLY like to get this blog off of Blogspot and on to my domain using either WordPress or TypePad or some other system. Please contact me if you are willing to take on the challenge!

Finally, I am heading out of town today with CGMC for a weekend-long retreat in lovely Delevan, WI at the Lake Lawn Resort. I’m looking forward to a relaxing and fun-filled weekend with all my friends, music, and the lovely sight of trees and lake outside my window. And a spa day sounds nice too. 🙂 So have a great weekend and be good to each other til I return!