Up to Speed

I haven’t been a good blog boy lately.

So to bring you up to speed, here is what has been going on lately, and some updates on things I’ve written about in the past few weeks:

The Guy
We had a nice time, but it’s over. There just wasn’t a spark between us, and I knew it. Problem is, instead of actually coming out and saying “it’s over,” he just stopped communicating with me. But that’s fine. I was intending on talking to him about it anyway. He was nice, we had some nice times and some good dates, but if you know it isn’t going to work out, why prolong things? So I am back on the market. Again.

The Windows
They are in, they look fabulous, and I am so glad all that crazy drama is over. Pippin and Screech stayed with my friend for two days and it felt like two weeks. It’s amazing how much they mean to me… and this proved it. Here are some pictures of the new windows. It’s amazing what a difference they make!

The Apartment
The landlord was paid the money I owed her and all is quiet now. Thank God. I won’t let that happen again.

The Goals
I haven’t sold the car yet because I haven’t got the dents repaired yet. However I did fix the headlights. By myself. That’s right, I changed my own headlights. And they work. So at least I can drive it at night again if necessary.

I am keeping better track of my money. The check registers are almost up-to-date. … just have to add a few things.

So that brings you up-to-speed on those things…. here’s what’s on the horizon:

Auditions were held for our CGMC show, “CGMC World Tour” and I am feeling cautiously optimistic about my chances. I will let you know more once the cast list is posted. Why get anyone’s (including mine) hopes up?

We are also going away this weekend for a retreat. This is an annual weekend-long event filled with rehearsals, talent shows, etc. It’s always fun and I look forward to it every year.

Work has been absolutely insane lately. In fact, as I was typing this, they called to see if I could come in early. So I am cutting this short.

See why I don’t blog much lately? Always on the go! That’s me.

Finally, all my love to Pua and Karen, my blog gals… Pua for her husband Charlie’s mother, who is in my thoughts, and Karen for the return of her hubby.

And it’s Karen’s birthday in a few days so I am wishing her a happy birthday as well.

Love you guys.