Oh my aching everything…

On Saturday, the Chorus took a road trip that led us to Peoria and Bloomington, IL. We did three concerts in one day. Three.

Three hours of standing still on risers and singing. In addition to the umpteen hours of driving my dilapidated vehicle from point A to point B, then point C, and back to point A again.

Standing on risers is not as easy as it looks. You have to stand perfectly still and try not to move. Meanwhile, you have to hope your knees don’t buckle… or try not to pass out because the tiny theatre you are singing in is so blasted hot.

My calves feel like I’ve done eight hours of workouts. And in reality, I have.

Maybe it was that animalistic sex I had the other day.

Or maybe it wasn’t. Well, it could have had an effect.

Oh would you look at the time… Gotta run.