Attack of the Killer Meme!

These Memes are going around faster than Malaria in Laura Ingalls Wilder days. I swear.

So I’ve been tagged. Thank you Scot-A-Rama…. or is that Scoot O- RomaScott-Aroma? Anyway. Thanks a lot.

The name of the game is TWENTY QUESTIONS.

You ask me the questions. In the comments. You know, the little things you’re supposed to type after reading my posts but you sometimes forget to, hence why I never have many comments.

Just click “Rckts Red Glare”

or if one person has already commented, “Rckt in my Pckt”

or if many people have commented, “Blasting Off!”

After I am satisfied that enough people have asked questions, I will answer 20 of them. And I will give you credit for your questions, since you thought so long and hard about them. I’m giving that way.

And then, when you least expect it, you might just get tagged back.

It’s the christian thing to do, after all.