Livin' La Vida Loca

Life has been crazy lately.

Crazy = loca. Get it?

The show is over. Did you see it? Pity. You should have. It was a blast. I think the reviews will all be good, but I’m not a reviewer so what do I know? All I know is the audience had a great time and the crowds were not half bad. So that was fun.

There’s always a sense of letdown when a show closes. All that hard work and time spent rehearsing pays off, but it’s just such a short payoff. Three shows is not enough. I wanted more.

Oh well, it’s over now. But it was fun nonetheless.

Now back to somewhat real life.

Last night, there was no rehearsal, since we had rehearsed and performed all weekend. So of course, what does a good chorus boy do on his day off? Go out!

I headed to Sidetrack and met a fairly large contingent of chorus boys there for “Showtune night.” Fun times commenced.

As the showtunes ended (promptly at 9:00), the crowds started to thin. I found myself talking to an attractive gentleman seated along the side of the main bar area. The talking turned into my arm around him, which turned into holding of hands, which turned into a few stolen kisses.

Which turned into a date Tuesday night (nothing is set yet, but that’s what I’m going for.) I got his number and I am going to call him tonight.

I think I deserve this… after all, with all I’ve been through. šŸ™‚