Spring Cleaning

I love cleaning for spring. About as much as I love folding socks, or doing laundry for that matter. Still, it has to be done, so I grit my teeth and muddle through it.

I’m the type of person that lets his place go for a bit. OK, I can be pretty sloppy. My dining room table piles up with mail and other crap, the dusting goes unaccounted for, the cat hair builds up in little piles and dustbunnies… I’m lazy. I admit it.

So for me to give my place a thorough head-to-toe cleaning, I have to have a good reason. So this Saturday, I created a good reason. I invited some people over for dinner.

Nothing gets my ass in gear faster than company. This place is sparkly and I love it.

It actually started with a chat with one of my fellow Windy City Slickers. He asked if I wanted to go to Ikea with him (Ikea is out in the burbs so if someone offers to go, you accept. It’s just common courtesy!)

I fully did not intend to buy anything. But I saw something that caught my fancy. And then I saw the price. So I couldn’t say no. I bought a potrack for my kitchen.


And I love it so much that I’m posting pictures of it here for your viewing pleasure… since, after all, who doesn’t like to look at other people’s kitchens and go “Oooh that’s so nice, I wish I had that?”

I think I deserved this, after the hellish past few weeks I’ve had. Shopping cures all woes. Don’t you agree?