The follow up you've all been waiting for…

Man I do a cliffhanger better than “Dallas” in the 80’s, don’t I? 🙂

So about the guy…

Would you believe we are still dating?

Two weeks later, and it’s still on.

“Shocking!” “Ground-breaking!” “Amazing!”

And those are my own interjections on the subject. I can only imagine what you’ve come up with.

Tonight was date number 5. We had dinner at a wonderful Japanese restaurant (Rick does sushi. Don’t everybody recoil in disbelief together.) and then went to see “The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,”… which I enjoyed very much! (Any movie that opens with a production number sung by dolphins is cool in my book.)

So… the update is, we’re still going well, and taking things slowly. Which is just about perfect in my book. It’s nice. I haven’t dated in so long… it’s nice when it happens and happens the ‘right’ way. Whatever the ‘right’ way is.

Tomorrow I’m off to Peoria and Bloomington, IL with the Chorus all day. It’s going to be a long day, with three performances. But it will be fun.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.

Bathing Pussies Part II

In case you are wondering what the HELL the title is all about… do check out The Traveling Spotlight today. You’ll be glad you did.

So the RcktMan household has another member today. Well just for one day at least. I couldn’t let him sleep at Man’s Country after all. I can only imagine the trouble he’d get into. I mean… think of it. A new guy, in a new town, seeing new (and I use that term loosely) sights. Sets the stage for quite an adventure if you ask me.

I had pity on our dear Patrick. He is in town for a job interview, after all. I couldn’t let him walk into the interview and refuse the offer to take a seat. Because it would hurt too much. You know what I mean.

He was going to take the train into the city, but I couldn’t trust him with that. I figured he’d pick up some homeless person and go back to his shack for a little one-on-one fun. My guilty conscience couldn’t let that happen. So I offered to pick him up at the airport. He jumped at the chance. After all, wouldn’t you want to get picked up at the airport by someone you never met face-to-face before? I figured he’d think it was hot. I was right.

We called Tuna Girl on the way home. She told me to watch out for him and keep him in line. I told her that was my intention from day one. We both know that if you take your eyes off on this one, he’s liable to disappear. (I done good, TG. He’s still here.)

So he offered to buy me dinner as payment for services rendered the use of my sofa. I accepted, of course. I had images of a lavish dinner at one of Andersonville’s finer dining establishments, but Patrick suggested McDonald’s or Wendy’s. I compromised and suggested T’s, which is at the end of my block. Good food, decent prices, and no drive-thru windows to be seen. Thank goodness I got my way this time.

We came back to my place, and the cats immediately took to him like a cheap whore on a rich man. They haven’t left him alone yet. I’m actually sort of amused by it, until he started playing with my pussies. I’m worried about them now. They may never be the same again. He kept playing “Pippin being born” (see below) with the poor guy. He’s been hiding in the litter box all night and won’t come out. Poor Screech’s legs are crossed and he won’t shut up. Damn him!!!

I’m starting to wonder whatever possessed me to take in this guy in the first place. Could it have been his boyish charm? His sense of humor? His slutty ways? His way around a kitchen? No… I guess I just wanted the company. After all, it has been a rough week already.

OK OK OK… in truth, I was really happy to host Patrick and we have had a great time finally meeting face-to-face. And yes, he is sleeping on the sofa. Probably with the cats.

You can take the boy out of the pussy, but you can’t take the pussy out of the boy.

Or something like that.

Dude, I gotta chill

Today was a rough day.

As evidenced by the post just prior to this one.

Yes, I panicked and posted that thought. It was what I was thinking at the time. It was reactionary, yes… but it was also stupid.

I’m not here to beg for money.

What I am here for, however, is to express what’s on my mind at any given moment. And that’s what I did. So there you have it, that’s how it all works.

I’ve thought things through since then, and I have a solution that I think will work. It’s just going to take some time, and it’s going to mean changing a few things in my life. — cutting down on a few luxuries (the few that I already had), and curtailing my wanton ways of spending and not caring about the consequences.

Plus, I’ve been selling things on eBay. (Thanks to those who suggested this… I already had that in my plan. We must have been thinking alike.) I have a lot of crap. A LOT of crap. I thoroughly need to downsize, and fast.

I also need to sell my car and get rid of that payment. It’s killing me. I don’t know why I ever thought that was a good idea, but no more.

I have a way of getting the money I need. So I will be ok. But things have just gotta change, and I need to make the commitment to make them happen. It’s about time.

I'm in trouble

I’m panicking.

My finances have spun out of control and I’m scared.

I’ve tried to do too much and cover myself for too long. I am broke.

I need $1600 fast.

Know anyone that can help me?

I’m serious.

100 Things About Me: Version 2.0

As with anything and everything in the world, things change. And so, too, should your 100 Things About You Me. So… here is Version 2.0. New additions/changes are in bold.

1. I am still single.
1a. This rarely ever changes.
2. I love to sing.
3. My favorite food is Italian.
4a. I make a kickass meatball.
5. I was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin
5a. I now live in Chicago, IL.
6. I am a Packer fan, but not a Brewer Fan.
7. I am a Cubs fan, but not a Bears Fan.
8. I used to have a Cabaret show at Gentry in Chicago.
9. I worked for Six Flags Great America for 12 years before the bastards fired me.
9a. It was the first time I’d ever been fired.
9b. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
10. I grew up with dogs, but I own two cats.
11. I have one sister, and she is married.
12. I have no nieces or nephews (yet).
13. Most of my friends are in the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus or the Windy City Performing Arts.
14. I am a member of both groups.
15. I am not related to Danny Aiello.
16. My favorite artist is Elton John.
17. The RcktMan in my name is an homage to Elton John’s song “Rocket Man”
18. My first online experience was on Prodigy back in 1992.
19. I used to consider myself an Independent voter, but I now consider myself a Democrat.
20. I was raised Catholic, but do not practice it anymore.
21. My uncle is a priest.
22. I have only one first cousin.
23. My mom had my sister because she did not want me to grow up an only child. (She was an only child.)
24. We named our second dog “Cubby” after the Chicago Cubs.
24a. His name was my idea.
25. My cat’s names are Pippin and Screech.
25a. Pippin is named after the musical, not the basketball player.
25b. Screech is so named because he’s so chatty, not after the “Saved By The Bell” character.
25c. My ex named Screech.
26. I have friends all over the country and in many areas of the world.
27. I have never been to Europe.
28 I have never been to paradise– or to me, for that matter.
28a. I don’t know what the hell that means.
29. I never knew either of my grandfathers.
30. I have relatives in Italy who are enormously wealthy because of their coffee empire, “Aiello Coffee”
30a. I have bought and tasted Aiello Coffee.
30b. I don’t know any of these relatives, therefore will probably not inherit a penny when they die.
31. I did the layout for Carol Moseley Braun’s resume in 2001.
31a. She paid me $200 for the service. She paid with a personal check. I have a copy of the check.
32. I have never kissed a girl.
33. I’ve kissed a girl… the only girl in CGMC. It was actually kinda hot.
34. My first kiss and my first time having sex with a man was when I was 23 years old.
35. I am now 34 years old.
36. I have a solo on the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus’s first CD, “Cool Yule.”
36a. I am also featured in CGMC’s second CD, “I Will Be Loved Tonight.”
37. My favorite drink is Rum & Coke
38. I have never done drugs of any kind.
39. I have never smoked a cigarette.
40. I have smoked cigars but only puffed on them.
41. I am a top.
42. I love to kiss.
43. I love to cuddle.
44. I am extremely affectionate.
45. I can be a bit of a loner at times.
46. I have been called “introspective”
47. In college I was heavily involved in DECA, a student marketing organization.
47a. I was elected Wisconsin State SE Region Vice President in 1992 and State President in 1993.
47b. I was elected State Alumni President in 1998 (after having moved to Chicago).
48. I served on the board of CGMC for 2 years.
49. I will not serve on any boards again for a long time.
50. My last ex and I were together for a year.
50a. It was my longest relationship.
51. One of my fondest memories is going to the Wisconsin State Fair with my family and going down the huge slide.
52. Another fond memory is going to see my Grandma in Antioch, Illinois. It always seemed so far away.
53. I had my tonsils removed in July of 2003.
54. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.
55. It runs in my family.
56. My latest guilty pleasure is that I DVR episodes of “Little House On The Prairie” on The Hallmark Channel every day.
57. I am surrounded by a network of wonderful, loving and supportive friends.
58. My father is Diabetic and my mother suffers from Emphysema.
59. While growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.
60. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Marketing in 1994.
61. I still want to complete my Bachelor’s and Masters degree someday.
62. I live way beyond my means.
63. I have poor credit, but it’s improving… slowly.
64. I own a car, but still rent my apartment.
65. I would like to buy my own condo within the next 3 years.
66. I cry at sappy movies and songs.
67. I love comedies.
68. I love gardening
69. I grow my own herbs.
70. I hate housecleaning and laundry.
71. But I love when my home is clean.
72. I have a gym membership that I haven’t used in 5 years.
73. My bike has sat with a flat tire for 4 years.
73a. I am going to get it fixed very soon.
74. I thoroughly believe that if I worked out, I’d be “Hot”.
75. I am too lazy to make that happen.
76. I listen to music when I fall asleep.
77. “Queer Eye” is about the only TV I watch anymore.
78. I hate seeing movies by myself, so I rarely see movies.
79. I love to cook for myself, and for others.
80. I like going out, but don’t go out alone, ever.
81. I STILL cut my own hair.
81a. I think I’m pretty good at it by now.
82. My favorite breakfast food is Eggs Benedict.
83. I love Tombstone Pizzas.
84. I would fail miserably at the Atkins Diet.
85. McDonald’s McChicken Sandwiches are my nemesis.
85a. They are only $1 each.
85b. Yes, I am that cheap sometimes.
86. I have very few enemies.
87. I believe there is a direct correlation between one’s relationship with his or her family and the type of person he or she is socially.
88. I have a very good relationship with my family.
89. I am not a morning person.
90. I am a definite night owl.
91. I spend a lot of time online but rarely ever “hook up” anymore.
92. I’m ready to “settle down”.
93. I like to write poetry to clear my mind.
94. My favorite author is John Irving.
95. I think Dolly Parton is one of the most underrated artists alive today.
96. I think The Beatles were geniuses.
97. I think George W. Bush is the biggest failure of all of the US Presidents, ever.
98. I have no idea who could possibly be our President in 2008.
99. I have voted in every Presidential election since I became eligible.
100. I’m a bit concerned for the future of our country.